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Radio Project

ITM operates a radio station that broadcasts solid biblical teaching in 3 distinct tribal languages. These people groups live in some of the most remote areas of Bolivia.  Most of them do not even have access to something as simple as a radio.

As a part of our church planting ministry, we pass out as many handheld radios as we can whenever we visit one of these remote villages.

Find out more: Radio Project

Airplane Project

Aviation is indispensable to the work of ITM in Bolivia.  Trips that would otherwise take days or even weeks can be done in a matter of hours.  Not only does this speed up the ministry process but can also mean the difference between life and death.  The radio, medical and church planting ministries greatly depend on this service to enable the ministry.

In the past, ITM has been able to rent aircraft to meet our flight needs but due to various circumstances beyond our control we feel the need to purchase our own airplane.

We would ask that you please pray with us for this need and join with us in giving if you feel led to participate in the vital project.

More here: Airplane Project

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