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International Tribal Ministries began around a table in Cochabamba Bolivia late in 2013. The small group of men gathered there all shared the desire to see the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed to those who had never heard. They knew that many of the people in these remote areas had no way of hearing the good news because there was little or no work for the gospel being done in their language or culture. Individually, these men had been serving in the jungles of Bolivia and saw that the work had great need and that God was moving ahead of them preparing the way. Feeling led of the Lord, they joined together to form International Tribal Ministries in order to better coordinate, facilitate and support the ministry laid before them. 


The initial vision these men set before the Lord was to see 10 churches planted in the next 10 years in an area of Bolivia that has been historically closed to, and cut off from the gospel. 


Corporately and individually, ITM seeks to show Christ to the world by living, serving, and loving people without boundaries. Since then, God has been faithful to the work to which He has called these men. They have seen many missionaries both national and international join in the vision. They have seen the Lord provide incredible avenues of ministry through aviation, radio broadcasting, medical missions, well drilling and focused church planting efforts. 


Ultimately, the goal of ITM is to see His name proclaimed in the uttermost parts of the earth.