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Project - Airplane for ITM 

The Lord has provided us an airplane which we are currently refitting for the ministy in Bolivia.  Click HERE to find out more!


Our aviation program functions in a variety of roles to enable the ministry of ITM. Most of the locations in which we work are very isolated. Often times, the airplane is the only viable means of access. When alternatives are available they can mean days or even weeks on jungle trails and traveling the river by canoe. The airplane provides the same access in just an hour or two. 


  • Missionary Flights - We provide transportation and logistical support to our missionaries in the field.

  • Medical - The aviation program allows us to transport our medical teams and their supplies quickly and efficiently to locations where there is no medical care available.

  • Medivac - Many of our flights are life-saving in nature. The airplanes can quickly be reconfigured for medivac in order to provide quick transportation from the villages to the city for patients in critical condition.

  • Disaster Relief - When disasters occur, we are able to support and coordinate withe local government to provide aid and relief where needed.

  • Mission Aviation Training - We offer pilot and maintenance training for young nationals who wish to serve in mission aviation.

  • Community Development - Providing economic opportunities for village people by allowing the export of local products on return flights.


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